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Canberra Walking Festival: About the Walk
(Event Rules, Awards)

2006 route past Parliament HouseThe Canberra Walking Festival incorporates the Canberra Two Day Medal Walk and is a non-competitive challenge walk for all ages. It's not a race but is about fun, fitness, fellowship and personal challenge.

The walks take you along Canberra's extensive footpath and recreation path network. Routes pass national buildings and Lake Burley Griffin and go through a number of Canberra's Nature Parks and are different both days. The times allowed means there is time to do some sightseeing or enjoy a coffee along the way while enjoying Canberra's autumn and the company of fellow walkers.

Everyone who completes any route on both Saturday and Sunday will receive the Canberra Two Day Walk Meda or Pin. Medals are also awarded to marathon finishers.

2004 walkers on Anzac ParadeEvent Rules

The Festival was renamed and expanded in 2013 to celebrate Canberra's Centenary. In 2015 we are again offering 4 events over 3 days:
Friday Welcome Walk (5km) and Reception
Saturday Marathon (42.2km)
Saturday Loop the Lake Challenge (6, 10, 14, 24 and 32km) - we are returning to the fixed group start times for each distance as per the program of events
Sunday Circuit (5, 11, 20 and 31km)

The set routes, although different for each day, start and finish at the same place (the Control Centre).

Full instructions for the walk will be included in our "Welcome" letter to be sent to all registered walkers closer to the event. Make sure you read this carefully.

1. Participants may choose to walk any distance, but must complete their nominated walk on both days to qualify for the Canberra Two Day Walk Medals/Pins. The previous age based qualifying distances no longer apply. This change took effect from the 2010 walk and is not retrospective.
2. The 5-6km walks are gentle guided walks, designed for the over 75s and under 8s, plus their walking companions. Other walkers should choose the longer distances.

The Walk is non-competitive, with walkers able to select their own pace and rest stops, with the only requirement being to complete the Walk before 4 pm each day.

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

The routes generally follow recreation, equestrian or footpaths which may have concrete, bitumen, gravel or natural ground surfaces. Participants will be provided with a route map. The routes will also be signposted.

The Walk will be held irrespective of the weather.

Happy children doing the 10km walk
A young walker receives her medal


Certificates: All participants who complete the Sunday Circuit receive a yearly sticker to add to their personalised certificate.

Canberra Two Day Walk Medal: Walkers can qualify for the Canberra Two Day Walk Medal or Pin by completing their nominated distance on both Saturday and Sunday. A commemorative medallion or pin will also be given to those walkers who complete the marathon distance on the Saturday.

To recognise their achievement, participants will receive: Walker awards
  • Bronze Medal - 1st time
  • Bronze Pin - 2nd to 4th times
  • Silver Medal - 5th time
  • Silver Pin - 6th to 9th times
  • Gold Medal - 10th time
  • Gold Pin - 11th to 14th times
  • Gold/green Medal - 15th time
  • Gold Pin - subsequent times
  • Gold/green/red Medal - 20th time
  • Gold Star Pins - subsequent times

Note: All successful completions are counted towards the relevant award. They do not have to be completed in successive years.

Optional International Awards : Please note there is an additional cost for participation in these international award programs. Further information can be obtained through the links provided below and will also be available at the Control Centre on the event days.

IML: The Walk is an accredited event of the IML Walking Association (IML) and its award system. Note: to obtain the IML qualification, at least the nominal 20km route must he completed on both days (or 10km each day for the over 70s); no exemptions are allowed.

IVV: The Walk is also sanctioned by the International Volksport Verband (IVV) and is eligible for credit toward IVV Achievement Awards.

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